In last week’s expertise building module, 36×36 participants explored their visions for the future of the network in creative and inspiring ways. Sarah Gamrani was moved to write this beautiful poem, which she shared with the group in a performance.


i was born on a waxing moon


i was born on a waxing moon

which means my life will only be

more beautiful 


i started doubting about this 

when, growing up, 

i have noticed 

that all we can do is destroy 

what surrounds us 

and any kind of joy 


i am an emotional being

whose emotions have been buried

in the soil of a society 

that has decided 

to value everything that is wrong


it took us courage and time

to realize that other

emotional beings

needed a space to shine


a new space, we did create,

care and tolerance

have made it possible

to forge powerful links


and like the waxing moon 

on the day I was born 

these links continued to grow

until they reached a full wisdom.


sarah gamrani




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